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​Meliora Academy is a private educational program utilizing research-based interventions including but not limited to applied behavior analysis. The program provides intensive educational services to students with autism spectrum and related disorders. There are approximately 50 students enrolled at Meliora Academy. Each student is assigned a 1:1 instructor. Special education services are provided by approximately 8 special education teachers. There are approximately 8 board certified behavior analysts (BCBA) working in collaboration with the special education teachers. Due to BCBA supervision, staffing and student needs, the number of behavior technicians and behavior analyst interns varies throughout the year. Meliora Academy provides related services through occupational therapists (OT) certified occupational therapy assistants (COTA), speech language pathologists (SLP), speech language pathology assistants (SLPA) and physical therapists (PT). Meliora also contracts with SLP consultants and part time staff that provide language and relatedness training for students. Our staff are supported by an administrative staff that includes the chief administrator, education director, BCBA for staff development and training, administrative assistant, curriculum support staff and receptionist.

Meliora Academy’s data based instructional curriculum is designed specifically to reduce the fragmented learning of students with autism. Meliora Academy’s special education program provides students with an integrated curriculum model designed specifically to reduce the fragmented learning that often occurs with youngsters on the autism spectrum.

Based on findings of initial comprehensive assessments, a data based instructional curriculum is designed for each student using evidence-based interventions including applied behavior analysis.

While direct instruction across all domains occurs intensively, an emphasis is placed on the development of language and communication, relatedness, cognitive flexibility, and social skill development across all curriculum areas in the context of functional real-life activities. Specific individualized behavior support plans are developed based on the results of a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) or functional analysis (FA) to decrease the frequency of problem behavior and facilitate the acquisition of functionally equivalent alternative behavior.

Given the needs of our students, one-to-one staffing is provided at the outset of placement at Meliora Academy. As students progress small group and classroom instruction are provided when appropriate.

Services to support transitions are provided when students leave Meliora Academy. We are committed to working with parents, families, and community settings in order to ensure generalization of student skill sets across settings and contexts.

Our instructional program is characterized by a language-based approach with an emphasis on teaching social cognition, flexible thinking, problem solving, communication, comprehension, and academic skills in the context of experiential learning. Generalization of skills is promoted by teaching across people, materials, activities, and settings using a systematic data-based approach.

Program Components

Relatedness Training

Social Skill Groups

Individualized Social Skill Instruction

Use of a Visually Supported Curriculum

Individual and Small Group Instruction

Twelve Month Programming

Applied Behavior Analysis in Educational and Behavior Programming

Parent Involvement

Data Based Decision Making

Vocational Programming

Curriculum based on Each Students Unique Learning Style

Sensory Strategies Embedded as Needed

Direct Instruction on Leisure Skills

Transition Services

Supported Inclusion

Behavior Prevention and Management


Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Functional Analysis (FA)

Function Based Behavior Intervention Plans

Staff and Family Training in Evidence Based Behavior Prevention and Management

Teaching Functionally Equivalent Alternative Behavior to Problem Behavior

Development of Goals and Objectives for IEPs

Parent and Family Training

Community Behavior Support

Direct Services


In Home ABA Programming

In School ABA Programming

Center-Based Programming

Social Skills Groups

Vocational Services Supported by Employment Support Personnel

Curriculum Development and Modification

Integrated Vocational & Educational Services


Curriculum Based Social Skills

Development of Personal Vision, Citizenship and Moral Development

Development of Work Readiness, Safety Skills, Job Seeking and Retention Skills, Career Exploration and Development

Authentic Work Experience

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